I help writers at all levels who want to share their voices in powerful, beautiful, compelling ways and are looking for guidance and support as they navigate the writing process.



For you, writing is a passion.

You want your writing to be powerful, beautiful, and compelling.

You want to touch people’s minds and hearts with your words, just as you’ve been touched by the words of your favorite writers.

You write fiction or creative non-fiction of any length.

Or you write non-fiction that comes from a place of service, writing that will improve the lives or businesses of your readers.

You may be just starting out; you may have taken writing classes or workshops; you may be working alone, asking friends or family for feedback on your work; or you may have completed a draft.

As you continue to grow as a writer, you’re looking for support and assistance with taking your next steps.

As I see it, three principles govern the act of writing:


I.  Writing is a process.

You may have learned that the process looks like this:

Brainstorm, draft, revise, edit. Done.

But it actually looks more like this:

Brainstorm, draft, ask questions, research, brainstorm some more, write another draft, ask more questions, read an author who does what you’re trying to do, have a conversation with one of your  characters, take notes, take a walk, read your work aloud . . .


II.  Writing Well Requires Mastery of the Craft

Yes, writing is an art. But first, it’s a craft. You have to understand and respect your tools before you can create magic with them.

First, you have to learn to be competent. Then, you get to experiment with the tools, play, make messes, be brilliant.


III.  Writing is a Practice

Writers write.

Writers write.

Writers write.


Do you have a solid relationship with the three writing principles?

Are you comfortable with the iterative nature of the writing process? When you get stuck in your writing, are you able to assess where you are in the process so that you can breathe, rebalance, and move forward?

Are you committed to improving your craft? Do you understand the fundamentals of the form you’ve chosen to work in? Do you have a good sense of your strengths and weaknesses?

Are you consistently making time for your writing?


If you answered “no” to any one of these, I can help.

I’m a writer, too. I share your passion for words. I’ve experienced the compulsion, the frustration, and the joy of writing.

As a writing instructor, workshop leader, developmental editor, and writing coach, I’ve helped hundreds of writers find and refine their voices; more fully understand the writing process; dig more deeply into their craft; and explore, structure, and refine their work.

How I can specifically help you will depend on what kind of assistance you are looking for.

If you’ve completed a draft and are looking for another set of eyes, you might be interested in Developmental Editing.

If you’d like to learn the essentials of fiction or memoir writing in a group, you might be interested in my online Writing Workshops. (I offer more advanced workshops for those who first take the introductory workshop.)

If you are looking for one-on-one guidance, you might be interested in my Private Coaching services.

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