Being Brave

Being Brave


Fellow Writers,

What could you create if you weren’t afraid, if you weren’t sidelined by mind chatter: What if I make a mess of it? What if no one likes it?

Our often violent culture demands that we JUST DO IT!, demands that we forget our fear or misgivings, our need for reflection, that we just jump in and forge ahead.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my thoughts about what to do when we’re “stuck.” Do we push forward or sit back? (If you missed it, you can read it here.) Since then, I’ve been aware of so many conversations on this topic, about the demands of a violent culture, a culture where enough is never enough, where we sort and rank each other, where pushing forward (which often requires stepping on the necks of others) is the only goal.

Writers, all artists, need to be brave. If we stay in a place of comfort for too long, our work will lack richness and depth. We need to be willing to explore, to take risks.

But bravery, it seems to me, is not about relentless pushing. It’s about giving ourselves permission to be imperfect.




Reprint of “Something to Consider,” September 4, 2019