When I copyedit your work, I will be focusing on individual paragraphs, sentences, and words. I will correct grammatical and mechanical errors, untangle confusing sentences, and make suggestions about word choice.

I may suggest you cut or move material, suggestions you are free to accept or reject.

I will only do the amount of editing your work needs. I will never inject my own style into your work or try to make your work reflect my own writing sensibilities.


Your work is your work.

My job is to help you make it stronger, clearer, and more effective.


My Fee: $50/hour

I know many copyeditors charge by the word.

This doesn’t make sense to me.

Why should someone whose work needs a light edit pay the same fee
as someone whose work needs a heavier edit?

I will give you an estimate based on the number of pages of your work
I am able to edit in an hour.
If you agree to the estimate, you will sign a contract, and I will complete the project.


Not sure? Let’s talk.

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