Journaling for Exploration and Self-Discovery

Journaling for Exploration and Self-Discovery

A journal is a powerful tool. Whether you write in a linen-covered notebook or on the white screen of your computer, your journal is a safe, private place for self-reflection, a place to record the night’s dreams or your life dreams, a place to speak with yourself about a troubling life transition, to explore options, to meditate on the joy of an hour by the lake. It is a place to get in touch with your subconscious mind, with your creative fire; with your challenges, your goals, your heart.

In this two-session introductory workshop, you will experiment with a variety of journaling techniques to get you started—or re-started—as a journal keeper. You will not be asked to share your writing (although you are welcome to), and the quality of your writing makes no difference at all. Treat yourself to two relaxing, stress-free afternoons of personal discovery.


Real-Time Workshop July 13 & 20

7 – 9 pm Central Daylight Time  (USA)

This workshop is being offered through Larksong Writers Place.

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Will this be a big, impersonal workshop?

Not at all! I’ve taught this workshop for many years – in bookstores and in the living room of my Chicago apartment. I had a big basket of herbal tea on the kitchen counter and cans of sparkling water in the refrigerator. We’d sip and talk and write and share – and form a supportive writing community.

My aim is to create the same inviting, supportive atmosphere in my online workshops.

We meet via Zoom, where we can see and hear each other. You will have the opportunity to join the meeting a few minutes before it starts if you like, and to talk among yourselves – just like in my living room. (But you will have to bring your own beverage!)

I’ve limited the enrollment to 10 people. Everyone will be heard; no one will be lost in the crowd.

Are you shy? Don’t worry. I promise you that this workshop will be a safe space for everyone.


Who Will Benefit From This Workshop?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to do a bit of exploring:

Writers, visual artists, entrepreneurs, single moms, people with health challenges, teachers, people in healing professions, people undergoing life transitions, stressed-out people, people looking to make a change . . .

Yes, just about everyone can benefit from the quiet reflection of journaling.


I Used to Keep a Diary. Is Journaling the Same Thing?

Not exactly. Think of it this way:

In a diary, the writer Records.

In a journal, the writer Explores.


What Will We Do in the Workshop?


We will write!

We’ll start by discussing some of the ways you can use a journal to enrich your life.

Then, each week, I will share three writing prompts with you – fun exercises that will get you thinking and feeling, talking to yourself in new and meaningful ways.

Don’t worry: You won’t be asked to share what you write!

But after each writing exercise, you’ll have the chance to talk about what you discovered. These group discussions are fun, enlightening, and supportive.


You will leave the workshop feeling

nurtured and enriched.


When? Where? How Much?

The workshop meets on two consecutive Wednesdays: July 13 & 20

From 7-9 pm Central Daylight Time (USA)

The day before each session, I will send you a link to our Zoom meeting room.
(Don’t worry about the technology. You just click on it, and you’re there.)


The workshop will not be recorded.


You will have the opportunity to interact with other participants in real time, to share ideas and ask questions. And even if you choose not to talk, you will be nourished by being in the “room” with other participants.

This is so much better than receiving a recording that somehow you can never find the time to watch. And if everyone is working on their own, well, there’s no workshop.


Workshop Fee

This workshop is being offered by Larksong Writers Place.

The class fee is $100



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Who is leading the workshop?

My name is Pam Sourelis.

I’m a published writer (both fiction and non-fiction) and an experienced writing instructor and workshop leader. I’ve taught for DePaul and Loyola universities in Chicago, the Illinois Writing Project, Ragdale Foundation (a non-profit artists’ community), and the Masters in Writing Program of Southern New Hampshire University. I’ve independently taught writing workshops for adults for over 20 years.

I’m also a writing coach/mentor, a developmental editor, and an animal communicator.


What Former Workshop Participants Say

Pam is an excellent facilitator in the art and techniques of journaling. Pam’s course helped me create a discipline for identifying, exploring and creating space for powerful reflections and exciting new beginnings.
– Merida Johns

I took Pam’s journal writing workshop and loved, loved, loved it. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I find a useful practice in so many ways with benefits I didn’t even anticipate. Pam is an excellent teacher. She keeps the class on-target and engaging…and inspires you to take what you learn and grow with it. Great stuff!
– Leslie Cook


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