I Remember

I Remember


A 90-minute, interactive, online (Zoom)

Memoir Workshop

Wednesday, January 11

7 pm – 8:30 pm CST



If you’ve been thinking about writing a memoir (short-form or long)

but aren’t sure how to get started

Or if you’ve started but haven’t gotten very far

Or if you’re moving forward but would love the opportunity to explore,


I invite you to participate in this short, very sweet, evening of writing together.

Our small group (limit 10) will write to three prompts that will help you

 generate ideas,

discover new possibilities,

and nurture and encourage your writer self.


After each writing segment, participants will have the opportunity to share, not the writing itself (which may be private and will most likely be raggedy, this being journaling after all),

but to share their discoveries.

Hearing each other’s discoveries will open you up to even more possibilities, and is what makes writing in community so magical.

If you have any questions, free to contact me.

I look forward to writing with you.


You can sign up by paying via PayPal,

I will send you a confirmation within 24 hours.