Letting Go: The Practice of Writing

Letting Go: The Practice of Writing

Fellow writers,

Are you committed to your writing? Are you looking for nourishment and support as you navigate the writing process?

Then you might like this group. It’s for writers who are writing (not just thinking about it, doing it) at any level. Beginners are completely welcome.

Why “Letting Go”? Good writing requires exploration. Exploration requires letting go. If you hold on to your initial idea or, heaven help you, a rigid outline, you will never allow yourself to discover what your work wants to be. Letting go can be scary. That’s why it’s nice to have support.

The goal is for us to create a community of committed writers
who nourish and support each other.


The group will be what its members (including me) make it, so you are free to start threads whenever you like: writing prompts, questions about craft, a paragraph or two of work in progress that you have a specific question about, sharing of book titles, and discussion of the ups and downs of the writing process.


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To help keep the conversation flowing, I will also post these three posts every week:


Monday: An invitation to set your writing/reading goals and intentions for the week. (This may become a Facebook Live soon.)

Wednesday: A one-word writing prompt

Friday: An invitation to share what you’re working on, to share problems or successes you’ve run into, to ask for assistance

I’m also thinking of having an online Open Mic event a couple of times a year if group members are interested.


The group has only two rules:

Participate in the group discussions!
Always speak from a place of integrity, curiosity, and kindness.



Who is the group admin?

Me! I’m Pam Sourelis.


I’m a published writer (both fiction and non-fiction) and an experienced writing instructor and workshop leader. I’ve taught for DePaul and Loyola universities in Chicago, the Illinois Writing Project, and the Master’s in Writing program of Southern New Hampshire University. I’ve independently taught writing workshops for adults for over 20 years.

And I’m a writing coach/mentor and developmental editor.

If you’re interested, you can check out my credentials and testimonials from clients and former students here on my website.


I hope you will join us. I look forward to meeting you!


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