Private Coaching

Private Coaching

What are you struggling with?

Maybe you’ve wanted to write for a long time, and the urge has finally become overwhelming. You want to start now! But you’re not sure how to begin. And you’re not quite comfortable with taking a writing workshop just yet. One-on-one guidance feels a little safer and will be more focused on your specific needs.

Maybe you have plenty of self-confidence about your writing. You may have participated in writing workshops and gained a great deal from them. But you’ve hit a writing slump and are looking for one-on-one help to get back on track.

Maybe you’ve had your work developmentally edited. The feedback was very useful. But rather than working on your revision alone, you’d like additional one-one-one guidance as you work through the process of revision.

Or you may have other reasons for wanting to get assistance one-on-one rather than going it alone or in a group.


How I Can Help


I help writers of fiction and creative non-fiction of any length.

If you’re a non-fiction writer who wants to share information that will improve the lives or businesses of your readers, information that comes from a place of service, I am happy to help you as well.

I help writers to create and honor their writing schedules, find their voices and overcome their writing fears; to explore their work, make discoveries, and take risks; to work through the iterative, meandering writing process; to shape their work.

My role as coach is mentor and guide. I will never try to take over your work. My job is to help you make your work stronger, more effective, more beautiful. My  job is to help you become a better writer.

How will we work together?


We’ll begin with an hour-long planning session, where we will discuss your vision and your goals (and if you don’t have any yet, no problem. We’ll start to uncover them). And we’ll talk about the kind of assistance you would like from me.

Here are some of the ways I can help:

  • Create writing prompts that will ease you into the practice of writing
  • Help you set up a writing schedule (which can change weekly; it doesn’t have to be set in stone)
  • Help you create a book list (writers are readers)
  • Read and comment on your work in progress
  • Suggest ways to delve more deeply into your content (We might use writing prompts here, too.)
  • Create exercises that will help you to discover and strengthen your voice and your style
  • Chat via phone or Zoom (where we can see each other)

My Fees


Occasional, standalone sessions: $120/hour

A package of four hours, paid in advance: $400 ($100/hour).

You can use the hours for any combination of one-on-one sessions and written feedback on your work.
You must use them in the space of two months.

If you decide to continue beyond the initial four sessions, you will continue to pay $100/hour, no matter how many, or few, hours you want to continue working together.


If I have done a developmental edit on your manuscript or you are a workshop participant, private coaching sessions are $100/hour.

Not sure? That makes total sense. Let’s Talk.

CONTACT ME to schedule a free, no obligation, consultation to discuss your work, your vision, and your needs.