So You Want to Write?

So You Want to Write?



You love to read.

You’ve always wanted to write.

Ideas come to you in flashes while you’re working or walking or falling asleep. But you’re not sure what to do with them.

You think you might be good at this. But then you’re not sure. You have a lot of doubts.

You kept a journal for awhile, but then you got too busy.

Then you decided you probably could be good at this. But you just don’t have time.

Maybe when work slow down. Maybe next summer. Maybe . . .


How about now . . . for just $12 ?

All proceeds donated to Feeding America


In this 90-minute, online workshop,

   you will say hello to your writer self.


I see so many people in Facebook writing groups struggling with how to begin. I recently read a post in a fiction group from a woman who said she really wanted to write a novel but didn’t know what to write about. She was asking other group members for ideas. For her novel.

Other folks aren’t sure if they want to write fiction or memoir or creative non-fiction . . . or something else. And that’s OK. But where do you go from there?

How can you share your vision? How can you share your voice?

In this 90-minute workshop, you will begin to identify your interests, your passions, the areas of life that move you so much that you want to dig in and explore them.


Live Workshop January 24, 2021

2 – 3:30 pm Central Time (USA)


What Will We Do in the Workshop?


We will write!

You can write in a notebook, with your favorite pen or pencil, or on your computer keyboard. Either way is fine.

We’ll talk a little, and then I will be sharing three writing prompts that will get your writing juices flowing and get you in touch with where your writing passion lies.


Don’t worry: You won’t be sharing what you write.

But after each writing exercise, you’ll have the chance to talk about what you discovered. These group discussions are fun, enlightening, and supportive.


You will leave the workshop feeling like a writer.


When? Where?


The workshop is Sunday, January 24, 2021, 2 – 3:30 pm Central Time (noon Pacific, 1 pm Mountain, 3 pm Eastern).

We will meet using Zoom, a meeting platform that allows us to see and speak with each other. (Don’t worry about the technology. I will send you a link. You just click on it, and you’re there.)


The workshop will not be recorded!


I know that this runs counter to what a lot of people expect of online offerings. But it won’t be recorded for two reasons:

First, privacy. This is an interactive workshop, not a webinar, so participants will be able to see each other and speak directly to each other. I don’t feel comfortable with then sharing these interactions with people who didn’t attend.

Second, the nature of the workshop. I could offer this workshop as a webinar if I just wanted to share content with you. But this workshop is about more than just content; it’s also about the creative energy that comes from sitting in a “room” with other people who share your dream of becoming a writer, the energy of writing together, of sharing ideas and questions – of being part of a writing community.

Think of it this way: The workshop is an anecdote to our over-commited, stressed-out, I’ll-do-it-later culture. It’s an opportunity to make a little space to nurture your writer self in the presence of other creative people doing the same thing.


Who is Leading the Workshop?


Me! My name is Pam Sourelis.


I’m a published writer (both fiction and non-fiction) and an experienced writing instructor and workshop leader. I’ve taught for DePaul and Loyola universities in Chicago, the Illinois Writing Project, and the Master’s in Writing program of Southern New Hampshire University. I’ve independently taught writing workshops for adults for over 20 years.

And I’m a writing coach/mentor and developmental editor.

If you’re interested, you can check out my credentials and testimonials from clients and former students here on my website.


What are You Going to Try to Sell Me?


Not one thing.

When you sign up for the workshop, you will also be signing up for my weekly email: “Something to Consider,” a two- or three-minute read on some aspect of writing, which will land in your inbox every Wednesday morning.

That’s it. Nothing else. You have my word.



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You’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

How about now?



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