Workshops are offered in both in-person and interactive online formats. Enrollment is limited to 10 so that each participant receives the individual attention she or he needs and so that a writing community can more easily form.

I offer two levels of workshop:

Creating Stories: The Elements of Fiction and The Practice of Fiction Writing

Creating Stories:
The Elements of Fiction


The workshop is open to both beginners and writers with fiction-writing experience.

In this small (limit 10), real-time workshop, we will be writing together, sharing together, learning together. We will explore both the elements of fiction and the creative process.

The atmosphere will be friendly and open, and will nurture your creative spirit.


Fee: Six Weeks (12 hours), $325

The next workshop begins Tuesday, June 15.

You can read a full description and sign up HERE.


Why choose a live workshop
when there are so many pre-packaged workshops to choose from?

Read the full description and see what you think.



After you’ve completed the Elements workshop, you’re invited to participate in this ongoing workshop.

The Practice of Fiction Writing

This mixed-level, ongoing workshop (eight weeks at a time) is for writers with some fiction-writing experience who are seeking further instruction and feedback. Workshop participants can share their work in one of two ways:

A week in advance, writers can distribute copies of their work (up to 20 pages) to each workshop participant. Participants will read and comment on the work at home. The following week, we will discuss the work as a group. The writer will sit quietly and listen. At the end of the discussion, the author will be invited to comment or to ask questions. This is the traditional “workshopping” format used in most MFA writing programs.

The writer can bring a shorter piece of work (up to four pages) to the workshop and read aloud to the group—a scene or two, an exploration of a character, an exploration of back story, and so on. The writer is an active participant in the discussion.

My role as workshop leader is both moderator and coach. Participants can expect an environment that is both highly supportive and rigorous. There is no shredding of anyone’s work in this (or any) workshop. We do not try to “fix” a writer’s work—it is not broken; it is in process. We do not impose our own style and approach on the writing of another participant. Instead, we honestly respond as readers and ask questions about the work with the intention of helping the writer find the heart of the work—what the work is trying to say—and the hearts of the characters—who they truly are. You will be challenged in this fiction workshop, but never battered.

Fee: Eight Weeks (16 hours), $420

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